There's nothing better than a perfectly poached egg. Thank goodness for Yolks.

Yolks first started as a food truck in 2012, easily recognizable by its bright blue exterior and the long line of Vancouverites willing to eat the perfect breakfast in the rain. Chef/owner Steve Ewing opening the Restaurant and Commissary in Strathcona two years later with the same bright blue awning, and the line up quickly formed outside. Yolks' second bricks and mortar location opened in 2015 in Fairview Slopes, again with its blue awning. And if you're sitting at work while reading this, don't despair! You can even have Yolks delivered to your office.

Yolks has all the typical breakfast / brunch / lunch offerings you might expect, but with a twist. Like the Chicken Waffles (waffles, fried chicken, gravy, and maple syrup), or the choose-your-own-breakfast-adventure, poached eggs style. Even the drinks menu is unique and delicious. 

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Jethro's Fine Grub is exactly what you might assume from its name and logo - hearty servings of indulgent food combined with a dose of edginess.

Owners Emily-Jane Stuart and D'Arcy Allen first established Jethro's in Dunbar to bring some East Vancouver flavour to the city's West side. It has since expanded to a second location on Fraser Street, but hasn't lost its charm. Both locations have only a handful of tables, which means you get to see what everyone is eating before you make your own decision. The menu is inspired by America's south, with dishes like gumbo, alligator nuggets, catfish po-boy, and chicken fried steak. There are also twelve different egg dishes and five different omelettes, not including the ones you can design yourself. If you're particularly hungry (or just want to see a 12" stack of food), we recommend the pancakes or french toast - we haven't seen anyone finish a plate yet!

Regardless of the day of time, there always seems to be a line up outside. Don't let that deter you, though. It moves quickly, and at a place where all the dishes are under $14, is definitely worth the wait.

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At nearly 10 million square kilometres in size, most people don't get the chance to visit the country from coast to coast. Unfortunately, it also means most people miss out on all the distinct foods that are available within the five regions that span this great country.

Unless you visit Edible Canada, a self-described culinary tourism and locavore retail company.

Edible Canada on Granville Island selects the very best from Canadian farmers, butchers, foragers and brewers to create a local dining experience. In addition to the Bistro which serves brunch, lunch, dinner, and cocktails, Edible Canada also hosts tours and events throughout the year. And if you want to bite off a slice of BC to take home with you, the retail store sells a curated assortment of edibles made in the province.  

You really can't go wrong here, but we are particularly fond of anything with hollandaise sauce for brunch, with a tall glass of Mike Weir (a Canadian take on the Arnold Palmer). And if it's sunny, a seat on the patio makes for great people watching.

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Nestled among the West End's heritage houses, apartment buildings, and tree lined streets is Greenhorn Espresso Bar, an independent café that has gained notoriety since opening in 2014. Owners Gango Jolicoeur and Walter Le Daca named the café after three Englishmen (William Hailstone, Samuel Brighouse and John Morton), who purchased the 550 acres of the West End in the 1860s for $1.00 per acre. They became known as the "Three Greenhorn Englishmen" because it was believed they overpaid for the land. 

Greenhorn marries vintage and contemporary décor, with its reclaimed wood bar and tables, glass beverage bottles and metal stools providing a contrast to the concrete floors, succulent plants and bright red chandelier. A mezzanine level at the back of the café is an art gallery and record shop with vintage bikes and poster art. 

The menu is written on brown paper affixed to the wall (and available online). For an espresso bar, Greenhorn features an extensive menu including a variety of brunch and lunch items made in-house. Of course there are also baked goods to accompany your coffee, which is brewed from North Vancouver's Moja Coffee Roasters. And in true Vancouver style, gluten free options are available. 

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