There's nothing better than a perfectly poached egg. Thank goodness for Yolks.

Yolks first started as a food truck in 2012, easily recognizable by its bright blue exterior and the long line of Vancouverites willing to eat the perfect breakfast in the rain. Chef/owner Steve Ewing opening the Restaurant and Commissary in Strathcona two years later with the same bright blue awning, and the line up quickly formed outside. Yolks' second bricks and mortar location opened in 2015 in Fairview Slopes, again with its blue awning. And if you're sitting at work while reading this, don't despair! You can even have Yolks delivered to your office.

Yolks has all the typical breakfast / brunch / lunch offerings you might expect, but with a twist. Like the Chicken Waffles (waffles, fried chicken, gravy, and maple syrup), or the choose-your-own-breakfast-adventure, poached eggs style. Even the drinks menu is unique and delicious. 

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While you won’t see the white coats and petri dishes you might expect to find in a traditional lab, Pacific Design Lab is making its own discoveries through reclaimed wood and design.

Founders Alanna Rogers, Brandon Nobbs, and Darren Elliott are creative, genuine people with a passion for designing and creating high quality, unique products from reclaimed and local wood. Pacific Design Lab grew out of a contracting company Brandon and Darren started called Pacific Solutions Contracting. Soon, they started using the offcuts from the contracting company to make gifts for family and friends. Realizing there was a growing demand for quality, hand crafted wood products, they started marketing their goods. What started out of the corner of a warehouse four years ago has now taken over the entire space, with a divided shop to showcase their products. While items like cutting boards, serving platters, coasters and wooden crates are readily available, Pacific Design Lab also creates custom and built-to-order pieces. Companies such as Nectar Juicery, Earls Restaurants, and Nook Restaurant have already commissioned custom tables and stools. The cutting boards and serving platters can be found under your food at Meat and Bread, Timbertrain, and Farmer’s Apprentice.

Future plans for the company include eventual relocation to a larger space they can grow into, and letting us adopt their dog Georgie (only part of that sentence is true). Their products are available at their shop in Strathcona and or shop from the comfort of your own home on their website. They also have a couple events coming up:

  • November 24 from 5-8pm – E 28 Collection Launch Party with Nineteen Ten Home (tickets here).
  • November 28 from 12-6pm - West Coast Winter, a seasonal pop up shop at Pacific Design Lab (tickets here)

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As you may have heard / experienced, Vancouver has been having a very hot and very dry summer, which isn't showing any signs of abating.

Will all this hot weather, Vancouverites have developed an affinity for ice cream. Thankfully, La Casa Gelato has us covered. With 518 flavours, it would take you nearly a year and a half to try all the flavours (even more if you have a double scoop - think of all the possible permutations!). That's right. It would take you 17 months of trying a different flavour every single day to get through each type. 

This gelato, sorbetto and frozen yogurt establishment originally opened on Commercial Drive in 1982 serving pizza, panarotti, panni and 12 flavours of gelato and sorbetto. It has since grown into the only gelato factory and store in the world that consistently has 218 flavours on location at all times. Choosing a flavour is half the experience (the other half is the décor, atmosphere, and that first lick). 

It's almost impossible to make a recommendation, as we've barely scratched the surface of the available flavours. Regardless of what you choose, we recommend you get it in a hand-made-in-house cone and eat it in the parkette across the street (easily identifiable by its vibrant pink walls). 

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Words can't even begin to describe the wonderfulness of Finch's Market... But we'll try.

It's located deep in Strathcona, on a quiet, unsuspecting residential street. Walking in is like stepping back in time, with its exposed beams, wooden shelves stocked with jars and cans, and long wooden counter. The food is fresh, unique, and thoughtfully prepared. And if you happen to have run out of milk at home, don't worry, they sell that too. 

We strongly recommend the pear and proscuitto baguette with a chocolate chip cookie for dessert. And if you'd prefer your food to go, have it wrapped to go in a brown paper package tied up with string.

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