Jethro's Fine Grub is exactly what you might assume from its name and logo - hearty servings of indulgent food combined with a dose of edginess.

Owners Emily-Jane Stuart and D'Arcy Allen first established Jethro's in Dunbar to bring some East Vancouver flavour to the city's West side. It has since expanded to a second location on Fraser Street, but hasn't lost its charm. Both locations have only a handful of tables, which means you get to see what everyone is eating before you make your own decision. The menu is inspired by America's south, with dishes like gumbo, alligator nuggets, catfish po-boy, and chicken fried steak. There are also twelve different egg dishes and five different omelettes, not including the ones you can design yourself. If you're particularly hungry (or just want to see a 12" stack of food), we recommend the pancakes or french toast - we haven't seen anyone finish a plate yet!

Regardless of the day of time, there always seems to be a line up outside. Don't let that deter you, though. It moves quickly, and at a place where all the dishes are under $14, is definitely worth the wait.

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