Back when we were growing up the only food sold out of a cart in Vancouver was hot dogs and chestnuts. Kids these days don't know how good they have it - with over 100 food trucks, carts, and vendors permitted to sell food on Vancouver's streets, the options are endless. There's even an App that locates the food truck hours and locations, allowing you to find a vendor by name, location, or food type.

And just in case you're not much of a food truck hunter, you're in luck. Food Cart Fest Vancouver gathers over 20 food trucks to the Olympic Village every Sunday through the summer. Their website lists all the participating carts - there is definitely something for every budget and taste. But be prepared to wait in line for the most popular trucks (like Tacofino). And if you're thirsty (and over 19), we've heard the beer garden is a great thirst-quencher. 

Admission is $2.50 or free for Vancity members or with a non-perishable food donation to the Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society.

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At nearly 10 million square kilometres in size, most people don't get the chance to visit the country from coast to coast. Unfortunately, it also means most people miss out on all the distinct foods that are available within the five regions that span this great country.

Unless you visit Edible Canada, a self-described culinary tourism and locavore retail company.

Edible Canada on Granville Island selects the very best from Canadian farmers, butchers, foragers and brewers to create a local dining experience. In addition to the Bistro which serves brunch, lunch, dinner, and cocktails, Edible Canada also hosts tours and events throughout the year. And if you want to bite off a slice of BC to take home with you, the retail store sells a curated assortment of edibles made in the province.  

You really can't go wrong here, but we are particularly fond of anything with hollandaise sauce for brunch, with a tall glass of Mike Weir (a Canadian take on the Arnold Palmer). And if it's sunny, a seat on the patio makes for great people watching.

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