As you may have heard / experienced, Vancouver has been having a very hot and very dry summer, which isn't showing any signs of abating.

Will all this hot weather, Vancouverites have developed an affinity for ice cream. Thankfully, La Casa Gelato has us covered. With 518 flavours, it would take you nearly a year and a half to try all the flavours (even more if you have a double scoop - think of all the possible permutations!). That's right. It would take you 17 months of trying a different flavour every single day to get through each type. 

This gelato, sorbetto and frozen yogurt establishment originally opened on Commercial Drive in 1982 serving pizza, panarotti, panni and 12 flavours of gelato and sorbetto. It has since grown into the only gelato factory and store in the world that consistently has 218 flavours on location at all times. Choosing a flavour is half the experience (the other half is the décor, atmosphere, and that first lick). 

It's almost impossible to make a recommendation, as we've barely scratched the surface of the available flavours. Regardless of what you choose, we recommend you get it in a hand-made-in-house cone and eat it in the parkette across the street (easily identifiable by its vibrant pink walls). 

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The Stanley Industrial Alliance Stage was opened by the Granville Theatre Company as a cinema and Vaudeville House in December 1930. Designed by architect Henry Holdsby Simmonds, the theatre features a neoclassical interior and an Art Deco Exterior. The vertical neon Stanley sign was added in 1940, and the horizontal sign in 1957.

The theatre was purchased by Famous Players in 1941, but was put up for sale in 1991 due to declining revenues. On September 25, 1991 the Stanley Theatre ran its last movie, Fantasia. The theatre remained unused until its renovation as a stage for the Arts Club in 1998. Today, the heritage venue features musicals and plays, adding life to the South Granville neighbourhood.

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This pizzeria is the newest addition to Kerrisdale's restaurants, and is a much needed breath of fresh, trendy air.

Opened by James Iranzad and Josh Pape (who grew up in the area), Bufala is a family-oriented spin off of the pairs' Gastown restaurant, Wildebeest. The atmosphere of Bufala encourages lively conversation and family-style sharing (sometimes with the group next to you), attracting the very young, the very old, and everything in between... After all, it is Kerrisdale

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