December has arrived, which means its time to open your wallet and search for the perfect gift for your loved ones. We've come up with a few ideas for those Vancouverites who are particularly difficult to shop for: 

The Workaholic: That person who is always at work, talking about work, or thinking about work. Their hands are calloused from all that typing, their nails are non-existent from the stress, and it looks like they haven't slept since high school.

Recommendation: A manicure from JoyRide (from $20), or a bottle of vodka from Sons of Vancouver (from $20).

The Child (Not Only in Age): The person who would prefer a slumber party to a cocktail party, or who still laughs every time they think of the French word for 'seal'.

Recommendation: A jar of candy from Karameller (from $10).

The MAMIL (Middle-Aged Man in Lycra): The person you can't stare at too long in case your eyes wander to all the wrong (right?) parts. Also works for MAFILs (though the acronym doesn't sound as good). 

Recommendation: A gift card to Musette Caffe (from $ how cheap are you?).

The Mathlete: This is the person who can actually calculate the tip without using the app on their phone because they still remember what you learned in high school math.

Recommendation: A trip to La Casa Gelato. If there are 518 flavours, how many days would it take to eat all the different double scoop permutations?? 

The Person That Wears Flannel and has a Beard: Despite the toque that perpetually adorns their head, these peoples' hearts are warmed by one thing only: Craft Beer.

Recommendation: A B33r Box from 33 Acres (from $75) 

The Entertainer:  This person loves playing the host. Nothing makes them happier than having you over to showcase their DIY and Kinfolk-worthy talents. Everything this person produces has thousands of Instagram likes by the time the night is over. #nbd. 

Recommendation: A reclaimed wood serving tray from Pacific Design Lab (from $79)

The Athlete: While you're still figuring out how to tie your shoes, this person has already finished the race. They master every sport they try and do triathlons on the weekends...without training. This person is always looking to try a new sport, no matter how cold the water. 

Recommendation: A Group Shaping Lesson from Shaper Studios (from $30).

The Health Enthusiast: This person is best friends with their yoga instructor and makes lycra look good (not to be confused with the MAMIL above). They haven't eaten gluten since 1992, but their skin is so so soft. 

Recommendation: A Juice Cleanse from Glory Juice (from $180).