Craft breweries have started popping up all over Vancouver. They each operate under the same premise - a variety of beers are brewed onsite and patrons can enjoy fresh local flavours in the bar, or they can fill up a growler to go. Returning patrons can bring their growlers back for a refill at a fraction of the price. 

Although Vancouver’s craft breweries can be found in almost every neighbourhood, there is a high concentration on Main Street. Back in the early days, several breweries set up around a creek in the area so it became known as Brewery Creek. As Vancouver developed, the creek was covered up and the area seemingly moved on... Until the recent resurgence. It’s here you will find 33 Acres Brewing Company.  Established in 2013,33 Acres quickly became one the most popular craft breweries in town, accommodating beer aficionados in the tasting room and supplying several restaurants and liquor stores in the region.

The beer menu contains a variety of mainstays, such as their 33 Acres of Ocean Westcoast Pale Ale. Many of the beers have their flavours rooted in the Pacific Northwest and successfully capture the region's fresh, crisp, and vibrant atmosphere. The tasting room and branding for 33 Acres is clean and minimal, making the beer the main attraction. The snack menu in the tasting room serves Matchstick Coffee for the designated driver in your group.  If you're looking for something more substantial, a different food truck is stationed outside daily. 

A: 15 West 8th Avenue | T: 604.620.4589 | W: www.33acresbrewing.com

Hours: Monday - Friday 9am - 11pm | Saturday - Sunday 10am - 11pm