Just like its name, The Birds & The Beets combines the familiar with the unexpected, creating a refreshingly unique coffee experience. Instead of the traditional model of coffee and baked goods, The Birds & The Beets focuses on local and house-made items prepared behind the counter - turkey is sourced from the Abbotsford's Rossdown Farms, pork comes from Chilliwack’s Johnston’s Farms, and the whole-grain granola and baked goods are made in house.

That’s not to say the same amount of care is not taken with the caffeine (this is Vancouver, after all). The coffee is from Victoria roasters, Bows & Arrows Coffee Roasters, and the local Matchstick Coffee Roasters. The tea is from Main Street’s Cultivate Tea Brew Bar.

The simple (but delicious) menu is on the wall behind the counter off the Powell Street entrance. If you aren’t pleasantly surprised by the personable, friendly staff when you walk in, you will certainly notice the café’s décor, which fits perfectly with its charm. The exposed old brick walls contrast the new white walls and millwork. Flowers and succulents adorn every nook and cranny, adding to its familiarity and unexpectedness.

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If running a successful café is an art, Liberty Bakery takes the cake.

Liberty Bakery was originally established by  Swedish baker named Gunnar Gustafson and his wife, Liberty, as a 20-year long retirement project. In June of last year, artist Shannon Skansen, musician and photographer Scott Livingstone, and artist Rodney Graham took over the coffee shop, allowing Gunnar and his wife to enjoy their re-retirement. The trio renovated the space, giving it their own personal touch with tables designed by Livingstone and signage designed by Graham.

The artist touch can be seen in the baking, too - from gingerbread cookies shaped like Totoro (the cartoon character), to the chocolate cream puffs that look like oysters, to the sprinkle cookies probably modelled after a Pollock painting. And although we (clearly) have a sweet tooth, Liberty Bakery also offers beautifully (read: artistically) prepared salads, soups, and sandwiches. 

It's impossible to recommend only one thing from Liberty Bakery but we highly suggest accompanying any drink with a baked good. And if you eat it there, you will probably be able to feel yourself becoming more cultured as you are surrounded by the artistry of its three owners.

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Trying to find a seat in this tiny bakery and café off Fir Street is almost as difficult as trying to choose only one thing from the display of French-inspired pastries and baked goods. It's easy to understand why people flock to Beaucoup - with an extensive menu of nibbles (six different croissants alone!), Bellocq Tea from Brooklyn, and Forty-Ninth Parallel Coffee, the café has all the ingredients for an afternoon coffee with your in-laws, to discuss weekend plans with friends, or to spend time alone imagining you are in Paris. And when it's not raining, there is ample seating at the park across the street.

Beaucoup was started by Jackie Kai Ellis, a designer turned pastry-chef. Jackie studied the art of French baking at Paris Ecole Gastronomique Bellouet Conseil before returning to Vancouver in 2012 to open Beaucoup. Since opening, Beaucoup has won several awards and continues to be touted as a "must visit" in the big travel guides.

You can't go wrong with one of the croissants, but we usually bee-line for the peanut butter sandwich cookie and the Earl Grey financier (paired with an espresso and Earl Grey tea of course). Bonne appetite mes amis!

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Now considered part of the Kitsilano neighbourhood, this quaint little café was once considered part of the Delamont Park area. The building was constructed in 1907 and was the home of Eureka Grocery, owned and operated by Thomas Frazer. The grocery store later became Arbutus Grocery Store, and is now Arbutus Coffee. Many of the building's original heritage features remain, including the fenestration and corner entry. It was named as one of the Places That Matter by the Vancouver Heritage Foundation in 2012 for its importance to the city.

Like the shops before it, Arbutus Coffee remains a neighbourhood favourite. All their pastries and dishes are made in house, and coffee comes from North Vancouver's Bean Around the World. The café's character and its charm make it worth a visit for breakfast, lunch, or coffee (or tea)!

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Although not technically in Kerrisdale, Butter is close enough that if the wind is blowing east, the smell of its baked goods probably wafts over. 

Butter Baked Goods and Café was started by Rosie Daykin, an interior designer with a passion for baking. In 2012, Butter opened on Mackenzie Street and has become a popular destination for anyone with a sweet tooth.

The décor is the epitome of what little girls dream of when they think of tea - rose wallpaper, pastel coloured paint, whimsical lighting, and display cases filled with cupcakes, cookies, squares, and cakes. Lewis Carroll's characters would feel quite at home here.  

Butter is not only one of the best spots in Vancouver to push the limits of sugar consumption, it is also the official home of the number one selling cookbook in Canada, Butter Baked Goods: Nostalgic Recipes from a Little Neighbourhood Bakery. And if you'd rather leave the baking to the professionals, you can always take the baking to go - a full list of the goods is available on their website. We would strongly recommend The Chocolate Sandwich Cookie, paired with a tea or latte. 

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We were first introduced to Bâtard by a family friend who claims this is where to find one of the best croissants in the city. We went expecting a good croissant, but did not expect to find a French style bakery and café with so much more than croissants. 

Bâtard is the union of Chris Brown (the owner and baker of Rise Artisan Bakery) and Elsie Born (from Finest at Sea), who wanted to create a hub for all things 'food'. Located in a one-hundred year old building with exposed brick walls and antique furniture, this café prides itself on its old fashioned ambiance and quality edibles.  

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