Nat's New York Pizzeria serves the legitimate, thin crust, Neapolitan-style pizza you'd expect to find in the Big Apple, made more authentic by the New York images and relics that adorn every square inch of wall space in this joint.

The pizza's crust and tomato sauce recipe originates from owners Nat and Franco Bastone's great great great grandmother's kitchen in Naples, Italy. The recipe eventually made its way to New York, where Nat and Franco travelled in 1991 to learn the family secrets. Nat and Franco (cousins who grew up in Vancouver and attended Kitsilano High School) opened their first pizzeria in Kits in 1992 and their West End location in 2000. Nat's quickly became a neighbourhood establishment and loyal patrons began spreading their love for the pizzeria by posing in exotic locations around the world wearing an official Nat's t-shirt. These pictures, of which there are easily hundreds, are immortalized on all the walls and counters.  

Along with an assortment of vegetarian and meat-lovers pizzas, Nat's also serves pasta, salads, and heros (foot long subs), all available for dine-in, take-out, or delivery. If given a choice, though, dine-in for the true New York, New York experience.

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In a city renowned for its love of bicycles and coffee, Musette Caffè must be the most quintessentially "Vancouver" caffè around.

Named after the small bags used to pass meals to bicyclists during a bike race, Musette has married bicycling and coffee at its two downtown locations. As you may have already assumed, both locations are adorned with bicycle paraphernalia, from the various parts of bicycles and outfits hanging on the walls and from the ceilings, to the chandeliers made of old bike wheels. And, as you may have also already assumed, Mussette is also a caffè. 

What you didn't probably didn't assume was the level to which Musette has joined bikes and coffee - to the point that you can literally ride your bike into the caffè and order while your shoes are still clipped into the pedals. 

Looking around either location, there's usually at least one group wearing spandex, sometimes even a few people whose bikes are so loved (read: expensive) they join their owners inside. But there are also a healthy contingent of "regular" people who just want a good cup of  Forty Ninth Parallel coffee or a pastry.

If you're intrigued by the city's love of bikes and coffee, Musette invites riders of all abilities to their weekly group rides, which leave from the Burrard Street location every Saturday at 8:30am.

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