In a city where it rains every day for at least eight months of the year, some might think that Vancouver's affinity for standing in line ups for ice cream while holding umbrellas is strange. But some people haven't been to Earnest Ice Cream.

Since opening the doors of its first storefront in 2012, Earnest has become a local favourite. It's one of those places that is constantly pushing tastebud boundaries, creating flavours such as Bourbon Peach, Miso Ginger, and Sweet Corn Blueberry Swirl. They also collaborate with local distilleries and breweries including 33 Acres and Sons of Vancouver. The extensive list of vegan flavours made with coconut are as good (some might even say better) as those made with milk. Earnest has made a commitment to making their product with seasonal ingredients and in small batches, which means some flavours are constantly rotating while the staples are there for good. Don't like surprises? The day's available flavours are updated on their website.

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