Candy shops aren't just for kids.

Growing up in Sweden, Louise Schönberg remembers spending her weekly allowance on Saturday sweets. Nostalgic for that memory, she and her husband Luis Giraldo opened Karameller (Swedish for hard candy) in Yaletown in July. The 300 square foot space was designed by Michael Leckie of Leckie Studio - it is bright and contemporary, with hints of the olden days with hexagon tiles at the entrance and light box near the counter. A row of clear bins lines one side of the shop with paper bags and scoops for customers to choose their own candy. Despite the numerous options, the candies are rotated often to ensure you are always able find something new on which to spend your allowance. Imported from Scandinavia, the candies are free of GMOs, trans fats, and high-fructose corn syrup. Bags are $3.49 per 100 grams, $10 for a small glass jar, or $15 for a large.

Louise recommends the Sorbisar (liquorice and raspberry) or the Choko-Banan (marshmallow, banana and chocolate). We recommend anything in the shop - we had to use some serious self restraint to stop ourselves from trying it all.

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