If you're a devout carnivore who could never imagine ditching meat, it's probably because you've never eaten at The Acorn. Totally unpretentious, this little restaurant offers some of the most delicious and flavourful dishes in the city. 

The Acorn's owner and General Manager Shira Blustein wanted to bring variety to vegetarian cooking in Vancouver. With the help of Head Chef Rob Clarke and Chef de Cuisine Brian Luptak, The Acorn dispels any notion that vegetarian cooking is bland, boring, and brown. If you don't believe us, just head to the corner of Main Street and 24th Avenue on a Friday night - the line up outside the restaurant doesn't lie!

The space is small and cozy, with a contemporary take on 1950s décor. The dishes are relatable (even to those who don't speak vegetarian) and interesting - we haven't seen tofu listed on the menu yet. And like any good Vancouver restaurant, there are always vegan and gluten-free options available.

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