With the long, hot days of summer nearly here, it's only natural that you are planning how your outdoor adventures can supplement your Instagram account. Before you resign yourself to joining the hordes of people vying for selfie space near Siwash Rock, try taking a photo with a giant jelly bean.

Vancouver Biennale is a bi-annual public art exhibition that celebrates international artists through sculpture, new media, and performance works in public spaces. The first exhibit in 1998 was a collaboration with the Vancouver Park Board and brought international sculpture to English Bay for four months. It was so well received that the Vancouver Biennale was established as a non-profit charitable organization. Subsequent exhibitions occurred in 2005-2007, 2009-2011, and 2014-2016. To date, Vancouver Biennale has featured 91 outdoor sculpture and new media works throughout Metro Vancouver by 78 artists from 15 countries and 4 continents. 

Some of the sculptures from the exhibitions have remained in Vancouver as Legacy Works, such as the A-maze-ing Laughter sculptures at Morton Park, and Echoes, the 16 stainless steel chairs at Kitsilano Beach. Other works are only here until the end of this exhibition, such as Love Your Beans at Charleston Park (the giant jelly beans) and Trans Am Totem (the scrap-metal cars on the Cedar tree) at Quebec Street and 217.5 Arc x 13 (sometimes referred to as the ship hull) at Sunset Beach.

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