If you're like most of us, you've just realized Christmas is nearly here. And if you're like some of us, your list includes some people who seem to have everything. Don't despair, we have (again) created a list of ideas that anyone would be thrilled to receive.

For the person who hates rain (or snow):

Those of us born in the city learned to hold an umbrella before we learned to walk. Those who are recent arrivals must quickly learn how to navigate the sea of umbrellas without loosing an eye. Nobody can ever have too many umbrellas, and that's even more true when they are designed by Westerly Goods. With quality craftsmanship and striking graphics and colour ways, these umbrellas cater perfectly to the urbanite with a desire to go outside and return home (relatively) dry.  Westerly also offers a variety of hats and other rain protective gear.

For the person with furniture: 

Furniture (even furniture that needs to be assembled with an Allen key) should be protected from drinks. Even if the furniture came from the lane, you can pass it off as "reclaimed" with the use of a coaster. For all your coaster (and other wood needs including cutting boards, serving boards, and furniture), we suggest heading over to Pacific Design Lab. Their workshop is conveniently located behind their retail shop so you can see how it's made. Be sure to shake Georgie's paw when you're there. 

Walrus: Not just for those long in the tooth

This shop on Cambie Street is as unique as its name. It has something for everyone, including items from Westerly Goods and Pacific Design Lab (how convenient). Full disclosure: we have done most of our Christmas shopping at Walrus, and  can attest that there is nobody on your list whose gift can't be found here. 

For the True Crime Lover

If you know someone who was glued to Serial or binge watched all of Making a Murderer then this is the perfect gift for them. In Cold Case Vancouver, author and local historian Eve Lazarus describes several unsolved murders that all occurred in Vancouver. Rich with historical facts and references, each chapter is chilling in its detailed narrative.  Given the setting of the book, enthusiastic readers can visit the sites of many of these crimes as they speculate on who may have gotten away with murder.  This book is also the perfect gift for 'The History Buff', 'The Bookworm' or anyone who wants to curl up on a cold night with a cold case (and a mug of hot chocolate or course).

We hope this help you in your search for the perfect gift for those last few names on your list.  Finally, Happy Holidays from The Local Visitor and we'll see you in 2017!