Situated on West Broadway, Aperture Coffee Bar is a quiet oasis on an otherwise very busy corridor. It's easily distinguishable by its location in a historic house, nestled its more contemporary surroundings. The character of its storefront is carried inside through the vintage furniture, exposed brick walls, and floor to ceiling bookshelf. Sitting here feels a little like having a cup of coffee at your best friend's parents' kitchen table. 

This coffee bar offers everything from cold to hot drinks, and sandwiches to baked goods. They serve Intelligentsia Coffee, which prides itself on working with the coffee growers to provide coffee that is, "revered, yet democratic, approachable and accessible" (intelligentsiacoffee.com). The staff at Aperture is friendly and unpretentious, and wifi is an added bonus - it's one of those places you may never want to leave. 

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