A 'Vancouver Special' is a specific house typology that was a popular for single family detached homes constructed between 1965 and 1985.  They are generally characterized as boxes with low pitched roofs, usually clad in brick on the first floor and stucco on the second floor. Popular with families immigrating to Vancouver, the houses were not only easy to build on a moderate budget, but also featured the main living area on the upper floor, allowing a secondary suite on the ground floor. Nowadays, Vancouver Specials are lamented for their repetitive and dull design, though there has been a resurgence in re-loving these homes by renovating them into more aesthetically pleasing boxes. 

The store Vancouver Special, on the other hand, has nothing but pretty things that we daydream about owning. It specializes in designer homewares and furniture, stocking the very best from every corner of the world. Scandinavian and Japanese designers are well represented but local Canadian designers share the limelight. It's sort of like the upscale version of IKEA, with no assembly required. There is also an extensive book selection including publications on architecture, graphic design, art, and fashion. With products to fit spaces ranging from xs to xl, it's the place to find the perfect gift for the Rem Koolhaas in your life.

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