Don't let the address discourage you -  stories about the origin of Blood Alley's morbid name range from cold-blooded murder to colonial butcher shops. The truth behind the name is slightly more pedestrian; it was a decision of the City Council in the 1970s. We don't know why they choose the nefarious name, but most believe it was to create a sense of mystery to the historical district for tourists.

Regardless of its address, Salt Tasting Room is a unique experience. The premise is in the name: it's a tasting room. You create a Tasting Plate based on the restaurant's rotating list of 10 artisanal cheeses, 10 cured meats, and 10 condiments. The combinations are endless! You can also choose to pair your Tasting Plate with a Wine Flight from a diverse wine list. If decisions are not your forte, the knowledgeable staff are always eager to help. With communal tables and personable staff, you always leave feeling like you've made a few friends.

A: 45 Blood Alley | T: 604-633-1912 | W:

Hours: Monday - Sunday 4pm - late