Life moves fast. Everything seems rushed under the guise of convenience and efficiency, though too often time is not being taken to do the job right. Revolver, however, believes in taking the time to craft the perfect cup of coffee. Apparently, that takes exactly four minutes. Each cup is brewed in its own glass chemex decanter, with its own timer. The precision pays off with delicious coffee that tastes like it's supposed to. 

Revolver offers a rotating cast of small roasters from around the world and the day's offerings are posted on their website. Regulars include Ritual from San Francisco and Anchored from Nova Scotia, though Revolver offers a special every day if you would rather leave the decision-making to someone else. A limited selection of baked goods are also available and make for a tasty snack. If you are lucky enough to be visiting in the summer, order one of the cold brews - it's perfection for any coffee lover. 

Seating in the main room is fairly limited but patrons can spill over to Archive, the retail space next door. Archive sells coffee paraphernalia if you are inspired to slow down your own brewing process at home. 

A: 325 Cambie Street | T: 604.558.4444 | W:

Hours: Monday - Friday 7:30am - 6pm  | Saturday 9am - 6pm | Closed Sunday