Point Grey Road runs parallel to the shoreline between Kitsilano and Jericho Beaches, and is the only place in Vancouver where private houses restrict pedestrian access to the ocean. With views of the mountains, the downtown core, the ocean and Stanley Park, these homes have been known to sell for over $30 million, making it some of the most expensive real estate in North America.

When Vancouver's shape was starting to take place, the Parks Board started buying lots along Point Grey Road in an effort to complete the Seawall as a continuous public space. The Board's efforts were successful in the beginning, but soon property values soared and the City could no longer afford the prices. The lots that had been purchased were converted into pocket parks - little swaths of green space, each with a multi-million dollar view. The six parks between Waterloo and Trafalgar Streets are each unique. In the summer, they offer a great place for a sunset picnic or viewing of the annual Celebration of Light, Vancouver's fireworks display over English Bay. Many of the parks have beach access and some connect through narrow paths in front of the homes.

The best way to see the parks is by bike or on foot, as Point Grey was recently closed to vehicular traffic. The newly constructed bike path connects Kitsilano Beach and the Burrard Street Bridge with access to downtown. 

On those I'm-too-hot-and-tired-to-cook evenings in the summer, we like to grab sushi or Mexican food on 4th Avenue, (magically) find parking, and walk to a park to enjoy the sunset. 

A: Point Grey Road between Waterloo and Trafalgar Streets