If you like meat and bread, and like them even more when combined in a sandwich, then you will love Meat + Bread.

This popular sandwich eatery offers hearty servings of fresh bread and meat cuts. The menu rotates, with four sandwiches offered each day, which they post on their website and on Twitter. The Pender Street location even allows online orders. And if the measure of good food is the lineup outside, then this place is great! Don't be deterred, though, as the lineup moves fast. Once inside, the staff will take your order and waste no time cutting the meat off the bone and plating your sandwich on a wood plank. You can add a salad or soup to round out the meal, and of course there's aways dessert.

Enjoy the meal at a communal table with a bottle of beer or a glass of wine, or take it to go and sit in one of the neighbouring plazas.

A: 370 Cambie Street (@1meatbread) | 1033 Pender Street (@2meatbread) - W: 

Hours: Monday- Saturday 11-5 | Monday-Friday 11-4