Known fondly as the Painted Ladies, these four houses are designated heritage buildings by the City of Vancouver Heritage. 

Constructed in 1905, the homes eventually fell into disrepair and by the 1970s were at risk of demolition to make way for "desirable housing" in the Mount Pleasant area. The Davis family bought and restored each house independently, without help or funding from the the City. 

Painted in vibrant colours, they display the Queen Anne style that was popular in the early 1900s . The bright colours and ornate woodwork add character and charm to the street in a way that is not seen anywhere else in the city. Whether you visit the houses under the shady tree canopy during the summer, or amongst the sparkling Christmas lights during winter, they are sure to leave an impression.

As privately owned homes on a public street, there are no operating hours for the Davis Houses, but please respect the home owners' privacy.

A: 100 block of West 10th Avenue