If the bright yellow exterior doesn't catch your attention, then the cute little racoon face on the sign should be enough to entice you in to this independent coffee shop. And if the friendly staff behind the counter don't make you want to stay a while, then the coffee and food definitely will. 

Located on a side street just off 4th Avenue, Culprit Coffee Co. describes itself as Vancouver's first fully dedicated gluten free coffee shop. For those of you who say that gluten-free-anything must taste like cardboard, be prepared to swallow your words (excuse the pun). For those of you who are always searching for the best gluten free treats, welcome home. 

Not only is Culprit Coffee gluten free, it is also passionate about local, high quality ingredients. The coffee beans are roasted by Fernwood Coffee Company in Victoria, and the blend is dependent on seasonal availability.  The cow's milk is from The Farm House, a family dairy farm in Agassiz, located in BC's Fraser Valley. The coffee shop not only bakes its own goods, but also makes its own organic almond milk and pumpkin seed milk. 

Although we have been here often (this was actually where we first started designing our website), we always gravitate toward a latte or flat white (for him) and a tea (for her - where else do you get to keep your tea leaves in case you want to steep them again?). For food, you really can't go wrong, but the salted chocolate cookie is particularly good. And for those of you who still think gluten free items must equal bland, the ingredients of our favourite cookie are as follows: butter, a blend of gluten free flours, organic evaporated sugar, coconut, dark chocolate, and sea salt.

A: 2028 Vine Street | T: 604-730-1033 | W:

Hours: Monday - Friday 8am - 6pm | Saturday - Sunday 9am - 6pm