Burgoo is the ultimate restaurant for Vancouver's climate. It serves comfort food like stews, soups, and burgoo, perfect for the 8 months of the year it rains. When the sun does finally make an appearance, the sandwiches and salads may be more appealing. 

The original Burgoo opened on West 10th Avenue in December 2001. There are now four Burgoo locations (three in Vancouver and one in North Vancouver), and each one has been designed to deliver the original old-world ambience of a comfortable, enjoyable place to eat good food.

And if (when) you want to take the taste home with you, the restaurant has its own cookbook Burgoo: Food for Comfort.  

Whatever you choose, make sure you order the Burgoo Biscuits.

A: 2272 West 4th Avenue | T: 604.734.3478 | W: www.burgoo.ca

Hours: Monday - Sunday 11am - 10pm