The Aquabus is the local taxi-on-the-water providing ferry service to destinations around False Creek. The service started in 1983 between Granville Island and Hornby Street. The fleet and its routes expanded for EXPO in 1986, and has continued to expand with the population growth and to accommodate bicyclists, strollers, and wheelchairs. 

The rainbow coloured boats are easily spotted darting over the water, and the friendly drivers keep you coming back. The fares range from $3.25 to $5.50 depending on the route. For larger groups, or longer trips, you may wish to take advantage of a strip of 20 tickets for $25 or the $15 day pass.

If you want a unique perspective of the city, try the mini-cruise of False Creek. 

T: 604.689.5858 | W:

Hours: Daily, except Christmas and Boxing Day